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Besides, they experience disruptions in their behaviors, emotions and normal thought processes.There is no established cause of schizophrenia with existing evidence showing that there are multiple influences involved.

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He began to exhibit bizarre behavior and experience paranoia and delusions, according to The New York Times.

Over the next several decades, he was hospitalized several times, and was on and off anti-psychotic medications.

Patients suffer financially because they can't work, physically because they can't take care of themselves, and socially because their bizarre behaviors distance them from others, Moreno said.

It may be that the people who have supportive environments are the ones who are able to live to an older age, and have a better outcome, Moreno said.

But how often do people recover from schizophrenia, and how does such a destructive disease disappear?

Nash developed symptoms of schizophrenia in the late 1950s, when he was around age 30, after he made groundbreaking contributions to the field of mathematics, including the extension of game theory, or the math of decision making.It's not clear why only some schizophrenia patients get better, but researchers do know that a number of factors are linked with better outcomes.Nash appeared to have had many of these factors in his favor, Moreno said.A person with schizophrenia often hears voices, experiences delusions and hallucinations and may believe thoughts, feelings and actions are controlled or shared by someone else. He learned to cope with Marcee when he reasoned that since Marcee did not age, she was not real.He could sense his delusional characters and then later was able to consciously ignore them and they would eventually drift away. What are some ways that John Nash reacted negatively to treatment of his schizophrenia?Some ways that John Nash reacted negatively to the treatment of his schizophrenia was when he fought against his psychologist because he did not think that there was anything wrong with him.Another negative way John reacted to his treatment was when he also stopped taking his medication. Nash’s behaviour deeply affected or negatively impacted a number of people.In addition, social factors—such as having a job, a supportive community and a family that is able to help with everyday tasks—are also linked with better outcomes for schizophrenia patients, Moreno said.Nash had supportive colleagues who helped him find jobs where people were protective of him, and a wife who cared for him and took him into her house even after the couple divorced, which may have prevented him from becoming homeless, according to an episode of the PBS show "American Experience" that focused on Nash.Still, there is no guarantee that someone will recover from schizophrenia—a patient may have all the protective factors but not recover, Moreno said.Most patients cope with their symptoms for their entire lives, but many are also able to live rewarding lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.


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