Advantages And Disadvantages Of Delegated Legislation Essays

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Delegated Legislation Essays-40
Please have 'AS Law' (Chapter 1) available to you as you consider the question.Before consulting the suggested areas of response, please ask yourself: how would I have tackled this question?So you do not need to write about any more than three.

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In the European Union, primary and secondary legislation are two of the three processes of law.

The third is supplementary law which includes International law and covers any gaps between primary and secondary legislation.

We propose that androcentric, ethnocentric, and heterocentric ideologies will cause people who have multiple subordinate-group identities to be defined as non-prototypical members of their respective identity groups.

Because people with multiple subordinate-group identities (e.g., ethnic minority woman) do not fit the…

Sample Question a) Describe the process of 'statute creation' in Parliament.

(10) b) Identify and evaluate three influences on parliamentary law-making.A good starting point would be to state that a statute begins its life as a Bill and that the process it follows depends on whether the Bill is a Public Bill or a Private Bill.You should state that your answer will concentrate on describing the process for Public Bills, as they are the more important type.In other forms of government, such as democracy for example, the three branches of government are equal in power.When a parliament makes a law, called an act, it is binding on the other two branches of government.The role of the House of Lords as a check on the Commons, with reference made to the Parliament Acts, should also be included.An apt conclusion would indicate the role of the Crown, acting as the 'Queen in Parliament', in giving 'Royal Assent' to the Bill and therefore signifying the formal creation of an Act of Parliament.a) The first point to note about part a) is that the question merely asks you to describe the process of statute creation in Parliament.You do not need to discuss influences on Parliament, but merely the process that takes place within it.Acts are made by a majority vote of the legislature.The exact process differs in different parliamentary systems.


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