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Rice farming is among the lowest paid jobs in all of Vietnam.

Rice farming is among the lowest paid jobs in all of Vietnam.

With less than 25% of the park properly explored, there is still a chance that an even bigger cave will be found one day.

We had probably ridden our motorbikes past this spot at least 30 times, as it was less than 500m from our house.

Trying to write our emotions down in an accurate and coherent manner has proved to be far more difficult than anticipated.

It is impossible to translate our memories into words, to truly portray just how special this place really is. Perhaps it is best to just try and let our images tell Phong Nha’s story…

Luckily for residents, new opportunities are being presented thanks to a new industry developing in town – Tourism.

Standing at the exit of an unnamed cave that was only first discovered late in 2014, despite being less than 100m to the colossal Paradise Cave.

This shot was taken from the iconic Pub With Cold Beer – a restaurant that is almost as famous as the caves themselves.

In the Quang Binh province, of which Phong Nha is located, 70% of the residents work in the agricultural industry.

The exit is one of the most impressive natural archways we have ever seen.

For a true idea of the size of it, check the scale compared to the three people standing at the bottom of the shot.


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