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Advertising should be used only when it promises to bring good result more economically and efficiently as compared to other means of selling.There are goods for which much time and efforts are required in creating a demand by sending salesman to prospective buyers than by simply advertising them.

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In the early days of the cash register in America it was sold by specially trained salesman who called on the prospective users and had the difficult task of convincing them that they could no longer carry on with the old methods, and that they urgently needed a cash register.

In our country certain publishers have found it less costly to sell their books by sending salesman from house to house among prospective buyers than to advertise them.

Among these objectives are the following:a) Creates and stimulates demand opens and expands the markets;b) Creates goodwill which loads to an increase in sales volume;c) Reduces marketing costs, particularly product selling costs.d) Satisfied consumer demands by placing in the market what he needs.

WHY & WHEN TO ADVERTISE Advertising as a tool to marketing not only reaches those who buy, but also those whose opinions or authority is counted for example a manufacturer of marble tiles and building boards advertises not only to people who intend to build houses but also to architect and engineers.

There are concerns like electric heaters, iron etc.

because the use of these increases the demand for their products.

it can create brand image and reduce the likelihood of brand switching even when competitors lower their prices or offer some attractive incentives.

Advertising is particularly effective in certain other spheres too such as:i) When consumer awareness of products or service is at a minimum.ii) When sales are increasing for all terms in an industry.iii) When a product is new and incorporates technological advance not strong and.iv) When primary buying motive exists.


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