Alberti On The Family Essay

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The author imagined his own family reunited at the deathbed of his father Lorenzo, discussing children's education, marriage and social life.

A humanist vision emerged from the book, placing man at the center of the world.

Alberti would later alternate between languages, writing in both Latin and common vernacular.

After his father’s death, Alberti broke with family tradition by attempting an ecclesiastic career.

Leon Battista Alberti was an Italian scholar, poet and humanist, as well as an art theorist and architect.

He was born in Genoa on February 14, 1404, to a noble family with Florentine origins.In 1432, he went to Rome as a Papal official, a job he would hold for more than 30 years.Between 14 he began work on his masterpiece, a four-volume book entitled On Family.Like Dante and the Strozzi, the Alberti were wealthy Florentines exiled as a result of political conflicts.Ironically, our expert on the family was himself illegitimate and a cleric who never married.Leon Battista Alberti died in Rome on April 25, 1472. The classical purity of his style influenced Renaissance architecture, beginning with Bramante. 1-20 (Introduction), 25-47, 50-51, 56-67, 74-99 (on instructing a wife), 108-115.(Note that the dialogue is a classical genre.) What attitude towards money is expressed by Giannozzo (pp. Notes themes of generosity, avarice, thrift, honor. What do we learn about the social status of the Alberti family? 38-39) How has exile affected their position in the world and attitude towards politics (especially the honor of office holding)? 43-47, 50-51) What steps should head of household take to ensure supplies for the family? 56-60) What are the benefits of urban versus rural life? He studied in Venice, Padua and Bologna, where he obtained a degree in canonical law in 1428. His first work was an autobiographical comedy written in Latin.It was so well written that experts of the day believed that it was authentically ancient.


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