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The cowboy’s doings and goings, real and imaginary, include a considerable portion of our national ethos.“His” qualities, both good and bad, consistently receive attention in film and television and other cultural forms. In the end, it is clear the cowboy story is more fiction than fact, and that is just fine.Seminars: Film and television episodes will be shown outside of class time.

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Often misunderstood as violent people, by sharing their traditions and language, Native Americans offer an inside glimpse into their beliefs.

With so many viewpoints and creative ideals from the varied tribes, the unique facets of these people are shared and explored by listening to their stories.

Myths are often rooted in truth, which has merely morphed through powers of narration and “fictional elaboration.” No American tale has suffered such “fictional elaboration” more than the cowboy (other than perhaps the tales surrounding instrumental American figures such as Lincoln and Washington).

We now endeavor to rediscover the Ameican cowboy myth.Mythology plays an important part in Native American religion.Creation myths are one of the most well-known traditions for Native American tribes. In creating and sharing these myths, native peoples were able to explain everyday natural occurencess such as weather-related events, as well as their own beginnings.The first parameter to add Size is a viewport size, while the second is a list of allowed ad sizes.National myths account for a nations origins and present situation as well as suggesting a direction for future development via stories, scenarios, and narratives.We will learn about the historical cowboy, the origins of the myth, answer whether there is any truth to the myth, and reasons why the myth as succeeded through the ages.America is replete with icons, the most famous of which is the American cowboy. Lavonne Brown Ruoff's American Indian Literatures: An Introduction, Bibliographic Review, and Selected Bibliography (New York: Modern Language Association, 1990).Cross-national group loyalties can neither be wished away or erased.We all know the image well: the cowboy on the range, with a six-shooter on the hip, the horse and the approaching ride off into the sunset.He symbolizes America’s desire of a never-ending movement westward, itching for adventure, resolute on manifest destiny. He is in film, literature, art, television, and various other cultural forms.


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