Ap History Essay Grading Scale

Once I started with a particular system, I couldn’t really change it within the school year.

APUSH moves too fast, and ultimately, I would just confuse the students. Eventually, I decided to assess content directly through the stimulus based multiple choice.

A typical test had 15 MC, 2 SAQ and 1 long essay (I give them over 2 days, I have 40 minute class periods). I would love to throw some SBMC on each quiz, but I don’t really have enough questions to consider doing so. According to SBG philosophy, students should be able to re-test and rework any assessments to demonstrate mastery.

Logistically, speaking, this sounds a bit like crazy talk, and frankly, it is.

The three question options all address the same theme and assess the same reasoning skill.

In order to receive the highest scores, students must develop an argument and support it with an analysis of specific, relevant historical evidence of their choosing.

  Good news: you will have an option between two choices.

  Let's look at what the College Board says..." CONGRATULATIONS!

You will need a thesis, use the skill they're asking for, back it up with evidence and Boom.

Over the years I’ve been a teacher, I’ve developed a hesitancy and “leeriness” of any and all workshop presenters.


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