Apollo 13 Problem Solving

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Despite these problems, the flight went ahead and things seemed to go smoothly.entered the Lunar corridor, the command service module (CSM) separated from the third stage and maneuvered around to extract the lunar module.

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Shortly before launch, a technician noticed a higher pressure on a helium tank than expected.

Nothing was done about it besides keeping a close watch.

Shortly afterward, though, the center engine of the second stage cut off more than two minutes early.

In order to compensate, controllers burned the other four engines an additional 34 seconds.

In addition, a vent for liquid oxygen would not close at first and required several recyclings before it would shut properly.

The launch, itself, went according to plan, although it went off an hour late.Then, the third stage engine ired for an extra nine seconds during its orbital insertion burn.Fortunately, this all resulted in a mere 1.2 feet per second greater speed than planned.That was the portion of the spacecraft that would take the astronauts to the Moon.Once this was completed, the third stage was driven out along a collision course with the Moon.Suddenly, Jim Lovell’s calm voice broke through the hubbub. We've had a main B bus undervolt." What happened?It took a while to figure out, but here's a rough timeline.It was three days into the mission, and suddenly everything changed from "routine" to a race for survival.First, technicians in Houston noticed unusual readings on their instruments and were starting to talk amongst themselves and to the crew of Apollo 13.There were two problems to be solved to keep the astronauts alive: first, getting the ship and crew on the fastest route home and second, conserving consumables, power, oxygen, and water.However, sometimes one component interfered with the other.


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