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Here are the short and sweet answers about font formatting style: Regular Formatting Use regular font formatting (no boldface, no italics) for all Section titles should also be centered, on their own line, and in title case (that means capitalize all major words—for more information what words are considered major, see the first bullet in Section 4.15 on p. This blog on headings describes the levels in more detail (see also Section 3.03 on pp. Common headings within the body of the paper are Method, Results, and Discussion, but your headings will differ depending on what you are writing about.Additionally, if you have an appendix with lots of text, you can use the levels of heading within that body of text as well (but the section title "Appendix" would still use regular nonboldface formatting).

The appendix may be useful in the provision of more information about the paper enhancing a more comprehensive understanding of the area of research.

The appendix is placed at the end of the paper and normally includes information that is not appropriate for the body of the paper because it is either too detailed, or distracting.

Take a look at the sample papers for examples of how section titles use regular formatting and headings within the body of the paper use boldface.

An appendix is a part of a paper that houses the non-essential or supplementary text.

Numbers are followed by periods and are not in parentheses.

In running text, a series of items is designated by letters in parentheses: (a) first item, (b) second item, and (c) third item.You should start by collecting content for the appendix and by formatting the appendix properly.You should then polish the appendix so it is accessible, useful, and engaging for your reader.You can follow any number of writing styles available on our website.We offer guides for APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago writing styles among others.Many types of figures can help you present data to the reader, including graphs, charts, maps, drawings, and photographs.A good figure is easy to read with elements large enough to be read easily. provides guidelines for writers submitting manuscripts to scholarly journals, it is silent on the topic of tables of contents.This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken.Stephanie Wong Ken holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University.Use your word-processing software to add a header that will appear at the top of every page that includes the running head and the page number.The header appears within the top margin, not below it.


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