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For the enthusiasts who prefer to use a passive filter, the R&D team has created THX 2 II, a crossover engineered without compromise with the use of high quality resistors, capacitors and inductors.The filter, for both TH 6.5 II woofer and TH 1.5 II tweeter, has special compensation networks that optimize the load seen by the amplifier.The spider was designed thanks to a long series of mechanical simulations performed to define its structure: a large elastic surface with 5 waves, ensuring an improved distribution of the elastic force; waves profile and gluing optimized to obtain the best symmetry in the voice coil and basket connection areas; spider composition made of a mix of two fibers to achieve the best elastic linearity, without mechanical compression effects even at high excursion levels.

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A great deal of research has been carried out to reduce the modulation of the voice coil inductance by magnetically saturating the motor pole and using an aluminium short-circuit ring that also allows a greater extension towards the mid frequencies.

The development of the suspension system, a crucial element for each transducer, required a long research work: the development team created computational models to simulate every aspect of the multi-physical behavior of the loudspeaker.

APK 165 Ω2APK 165 Ω2 system features 2 crossovers dedicated to woofer and tweeter and separated, to ease the installation.

APCX WF Ω2 crossover shapes AP 6.5 Ω2’s frequency response to match it optimally with AP 1 tweeter; it also employs a Low ESR inductor, essential to maximize the power transfer to the 2Ω coil.

Technical Specifications Component 3 way System Size : TH 6.5 woofer 165(mm), TH 3.0 midrange 80(mm), TH 1.5 tweeter 34(mm) Power Handling W peak 400 W, continuous 200W Impedance 6 ?

The Thesis TH amplifiers are manufactured using state-of-the-art analog and digital technology.

The anti-resonant die cast alloy basket, the aerodynamic profile of the spokes, together with the "open-air" design drastically reduce back wave reflections.

The zinc alloy grille protects without altering the acoustic performance.

The filtering configuration allows the following fine-tuning options to improve the performance in the passenger compartment: MPK 1650.3 PRO System The MPK 1650.3 car audio speakers system is the top of the range two way system of the Mille PRO line.

The system uses the 28 mm diameter MP 280.3 tweeter inheriting all the technological features of the Mille Legend ML28.3. MLK 700.3 LEGEND System The MLK 700.3 Legend car audio speakers system aims at offering a mid-high frequency range of excellence, to combine with a Legend woofer with a choice between ML 1650.3 and ML 1800.3 actively filtered in a multi-amplified configuration. AP 1The AP 1 tweeter features a 26 mm diameter emission diaphragm, an acoustic lens designed to compensate for the frequency response within the 10k Hz – 13k Hz range, a Neodymium REN magnet and extremely small sized dedicated passive crossover.


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