Bakery Business Plan Template

The plan can be presented to investors for potential financing, if you want to expand your bakery business into new markets.

Remember to discuss how you will obtain and record recipes for your business.

Another important factor involves the bakery's marketing budget.

For instance, if you want to establish a professional website, you will likely pay a one-time fee to create the site, plus monthly maintenance costs.

Also specify whether you intend to experiment with new products, such as to bake all types of desserts, or concentrate on one product, like homemade pies.

Realize that well-written business plans vary in length. She obtained an undergraduate degree with a focus on anthropology and business from the University of Texas and enjoys writing about her various interests.

But it’s good to have these goals so that your bakery business plan has direction.

You’re in the process of certifying your home kitchen and getting insured.

Or do you bake up the finest selection of bread that other bakeries simply can’t compete with? Whatever your baking craft yields, it’s important to nail down your vision in the early phases. If you market yourself too broadly, you may not stand out from the crowd. Or do you see yourself opening up a storefront location (or multiple) in the future?

There’s no guarantee that you’ll meet your goals in the timeline you envision for yourself.


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