Basic Problem Solving Skills

The third and fourth steps are to develop options and then seek an optimal solution.

The tool leads us from analysis to the next two stages in our seven step problem solving technique, that is developing options and selecting a solution.

Which is the next step in the seven step problem solving technique.

Analysis is a process of discovery of the facts, finding out what you know about the situation.

In “the best management tools ever: a good question” we suggest using Reg Revans approach of asking three questions: These questions are fundamental management tips.

They help us to identify the people who need to come together, in order to take appropriate action to solve an issue or realise an opportunity.Ever heard people say (or perhaps said yourself) things like : ” I wished we hadn’t jumped to that solution so quickly.” “I think we may have solved the wrong problem.” “It was only at the end that I realised we had acted too quickly with too little information.” “The solution we went ahead with turned out to be impractical and too expensive.” A structured process helps ensure you stay on track with what you need to do to solve a problem.The seven step problem solving technique covers: You’ll find a brief explanation of these points below.Uncommon Leadership: how to build competitive edge by thinking differently “a tour de force …all integrated into a fascinating intellectual package” Professor Dennis J.An excellent approach to detailed examination is adopted in our structured problem solving technique which uses four steps to improve processes in your organisation.This management tool firstly helps you define the current situation, then challenges all aspects of that current process.Placing a high value on the ideas of others is a crucial leadership concept and facilitator skill when generating ideas to solve problems.We have already suggested that for effective problem solving you need to ensure that you find the right problems to solve and then ask yourself what opportunities are created by solving this problem. We have developed a tool, the power of positive thinking, which helps you to focus on those opportunities, using 5 questions that create opportunities.Peter Drucker advocates that we should starve problems and start feeding opportunities.Perhaps because we don’t see the right problems to solve or the opportunity in solving them.


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