Benefit Commodity Future Paper Research

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Returns for commodity futures (stocks) are positively (negatively) skewed, meaning that commodity futures (stocks) have more weight in the right (left) tail of the return distribution.

Commodity futures have relatively high kurtosis, meaning that they generate extreme returns (in the fat tails) more frequently than expected from a normal distribution.

From that point, you should have your stop-loss order in the market and a good idea of where or how you want to exit the market.

These orders should be written down to keep yourself honest.

Many traders often go back to paper trading as a way to get back on track when they're struggling.

We occasionally select for retrospective review an all-time “best selling” research paper from the past few years from the General Financial Markets category of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).Returns for commodity futures correlate positively with inflation, and this correlation also is stronger at longer horizons.The final table, also from the paper, compares for commodity futures, stocks and corporate bonds (seven full business cycles over the sample period).There's a difference of opinion among many experienced traders as to whether paper trading is useful.Some say that it's not completely realistic because you don’t have any money at risk. They are commonly presented at academic conferences, universities, government agencies, and other research settings. In this role, the papers are written, in part, to inform the public on derivatives market issues and can be freely accessed below.Paper trading is simply the process of taking hypothetical trades as if you were actually trading real money.The only difference is that you're not putting your cash at risk.Paper trading offers you an opportunity to get familiar with trading and see if you're on the right track before you jump in with both feet.It lets you make adjustments to your trading plan before you put money at risk.


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