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Additionally, whereas Beowulf focuses on the heroic life early on, seeking to make a name for himself, he must focus on fate and the maintenance of his reputation late in life.

The obsession with patriarchal history manifests itself throughout Beowulf, which opens by tracing Hrothgar’s male ancestry and constantly refers to characters as the sons of their fathers.

Alternatively, one might make a division of the text into two parts, examining youth and old age as the two distinctive phases of Beowulf’s life.

Along these lines, the gap of fifty years between the first two conflicts and the last marks the dividing line.

Beowulf’s final encounter with the dragon evokes a heroic approach to wyrd, or fate.

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Though he recognizes that his time has come and that he will thus not survive his clash with the dragon, he bravely embraces his duty to protect his people, sacrificing his life to save them.Beowulf is similar to both of these characters—his father died while Beowulf was still young, and Beowulf himself dies without an heir.The anxiety about succession focuses attention on the ties between generations.It is one of the largest texts in Old English and stands as a good representation of Old English literature and Anglo-Saxon culture.The character Beowulf himself is quite famous for his heroism and kingly attitude.Though his death in the encounter with the dragon clearly proves his mortality (and perhaps moral fallibility), the poem itself stands as a testament to the raw greatness of his life, ensuring his ascension into the secular heaven of warrior legend. D., stands out in English literature for many reasons.Beowulf doesn’t lead a particularly good life by Christian standards, but the poet cannot help but revere him.Though some of Beowulf’s values—such as his dedication to his people and his willingness to dole out treasure—conceivably overlap with Christian values, he ultimately lives for the preservation of earthly glory after death, not for entrance into heaven.One might contrast this socially accepted version of patriarchal history with the various alternative models that the poem presents.Grendel, for example, descends from Cain, the biblical icon of familial disloyalty, and the avenging of his death is undertaken by a female relative rather than a male one. For instance, Shield Sheafson is an orphan, and the Last Survivor represents the end of an entire race.


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