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Peter's level of bullying is reduced to verbal comments.

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Tris and Four are on a high, long platform instead of a roof and have to walk towards to a window in order to move on.

Tris attempts to stop the walls from closing in, and the woman Four shoots looks like Tris.

Christina and Tris go for the flag together, teaming up against Peter and shooting him twice. Ezra, a film specific character and another Dauntless initiate, invites Tris to take a short cut back to the Dauntless compound after the capture the flag match, which is at night, using the ziplines to cut across the ruins of the city.

Molly guards the flag in a bell tower, where Tris manages to defeat her and take the flag, signaling the victory. While in her final fear landscape, one of Tris' obstacles consists of Jeanine telling her to kill her family and she counts down.

Tris tries to help Four fight Marcus but is pushed aside.

Visiting Day is not shown and Tris' mother talks to her when she is loading cargo.

Tris, Christina, and Uriah work together to make it to the flag, which is hanging on a tree branch guarded by an unnamed initiate who Uriah shoots.

Christina and Tris both reach for the flag, but Christina tells Tris to let her take the flag.

Eric confronts her and asks who let her leave and she states that she chose to leave the medical ward, which Eric accepts and allows her to stay.

Peter exhibits a threatening and more active role as an antagonist during initiation; he is vicious, cruel, and "willing to kill, maim, and destroy to get to the top".


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