Brave New World Love Essay

As a result, built on a large foundation of identical, easily manipulated people, the society thrives.

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Because humans will never stop evolving in their technologically advanced world, it is logical to think that relationships won’t either. The truth is that biological instincts such as craving belonging were introduced for survival.

When relationships occur in an environments in which the members aren’t just trying to survive, deterioration becomes a possibility.

If you have no loved ones, you have no one to mourn.

When a citizen dies, life continues on as usual; there is no loss in efficiency. ..the hardships of life in order to enjoy the blessings. But Huxley knew that it is worth it to feel both pain and happiness instead of nothing.

In such a world, uniqueness is uselessness and uniformity is bliss, because social stability is everything. The uniformity of the Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons is accomplished by careful poisoning with alcohol and produces — in Huxley's word — "sub-human" people, capable of work but not of independent thought.

For these lower-caste men and women, individuality is literally impossible.Citizens operate more like machinery, and less like humans. Humanity is defined as “the quality of being human” (“Humanity”). Huxley deletes love from society to satirize humanity. In the society, in order to maintain stability, “'The greatest care is taken to prevent you from loving any one too much'” (Huxley 237). To some, humanity refers to the aspects that define a human: love, compassion and emotions. Huxley satirizes humanity by dehumanizing the citizens in the Brave New World society. Brave New World shows how escaping pain, especially in terms of relationships, can actually cause greater suffering. By the World State essentially forcing these relationships on their citizens, they are also depriving them of vital immunity to suffering. Huxley learned at a young age that grieving for a loved one is part of being a human: “At the age of 14 Aldous... Sadness is a defining characteristic of a human being: “In spite of their sadness-- because of it, even; for their sadness was the symptom of their love for one another-- the three young men were happy” (Huxley 242). Without these defining characteristics of humanity, all that remains is a stable, well-oiled machine, certainly not a group of human beings. "Every one belongs to every one else," whispers the voice in the dreams of the young in Huxley's future world — the hypnopaedic suggestion discouraging exclusivity in friendship and love.


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