Business Continuity Test Plan

Ongoing Operations conducts hundreds of Business Continuity Tests every year.

Our tests are designed to be much more realistic than testing from 10 or 15 years ago.

Usually done at various steps in the development, review, or updating of the pan, this process engages key participants in a discussion that follows the plan step-by-step.

The discussion focuses on the content and layout of the plan and can determine if key players understand the plan and are aware of its components and their roles.

It is a quick way to determine if there are discrepancies or oversights that can be easily corrected.

This facilitated discussion uses a scenario to test the plan’s efficacy.The process follows five key Areas: Outside of the 5 step process above – each test that Ongoing Operations conducts is designed to accomplish ten key criteria.Ongoing Operations will present our Standard Scope of Work for a Business Continuity test and then will work with the client to tailor it for your specific requirements.Risk monitoring and testing ensures that the institution's business continuity planning process remains viable through the: Risk monitoring and testing is necessary to ensure that the business continuity planning process remains viable through the incorporation of the BIA and risk assessment into an enterprise-wide BCP and testing program.The testing program has become a key focus of banking supervisors, in light of recent, catastrophic events, and has received heightened attention within the financial services industry because such a program can be used to validate the viability of the BCP.The Ongoing Operations testing methodology is designed to accomplish the following: Ten Key Goals In general we find it takes a few hours of effort to properly scope and design the test.The actual business continuity test can take up to two full days depending on the depth. RELATED POSTS Are you looking for ways to engage your staff in your business continuity program?Visit our business continuity planning resources page for more great BCP info.Risk monitoring and testing is the final step in the cyclical business continuity planning process.Do it because you know that one day it might save your customers, your employees and your institution.Do it because it’s the smart, responsible thing to do.


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