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This has been limited due to manufacturing limitations.These numbers are based on the market size for fiber optic cables as projected by Kimbrough Marketing Inc.The primary focus of the Company is in the telecommunications industry, telephone operating companies, ("Telco's"), Cable TV (CATV) and Local Area Network (LAN) fiber optic markets.

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Management estimates the market potential for products in this market to be hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

However, limited resources preclude FOA from marketing this product line at this time.

By providing "early warning" and by identifying and locating faults before an outage can occur, the system can save telephone companies as much as $1.0 million per minute in lost revenue and repair costs.

This system can also extend the useful life of telephone cable network (outside plant) significantly.

The Company has been focusing its efforts on the fiber optic segment of the telephone market, which is growing rapidly (in excess of 20% a year) on a worldwide basis.

The total market for Cablewatch application on fiber optic cables is estimated by management to grow from 6 million annually in 1993 to approximately 3 million by 1997.

FOA's business plan projects that annual sales will reach the .0 million level by the fifth year with net after-tax profits of approximately .8 million.

The Company's monitoring system, Cablewatch, facilitates the continuous monitoring of fiber optic and copper cables.

It is possible that the non-fiber optic related market could be funded as separate business segments.

Each product offers the potential to be the industry leader in its respective market.


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