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This is because of the many technical areas that may likely appear gray.It is for that reason that business plan templates can be drawn from the internet and even from business books, so that you can have an idea of what it is like to draw up a business plan for yourself.

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You name it, and we’ve tried it, and then thought of ten ways we could have done it differently.

We love cooking it, eating it, coming up with new ways to serve it.

People from different country and culture just love Chinese meals and they are willing to pay a premium when compared to the prices of what normal menus – local meal goes for.

In essence, when you run an intercontinental restaurant, your target market should not be restricted to only migrants from the regions where the meals originates from, but everyone who is willing to explore when it comes to foods.

As such, they just want to have a feel of the meal perhaps out of curiosity.

For example; people that patronize Chinese restaurants are not necessarily Chinese folks. We are opening , which will serve , and will provide customers with a . We believe we will be profitable within because the restaurant will . We’ve been this way for years, and now we’d like to share our passion with others.With good publicity, the meal of a foreign country can become popular in the US just like Chinese delicacies, Mexican delicacies and what have you.Part of the marketing and sales strategies that we will adopt includes: Our Target Market We are quite aware that the target market for restaurant cum food business cuts across people of all walks of life, since everybody needs food to survive and we are prepared to meet the needs of as much people as we can, within the various locations our intercontinental restaurant will be located. We believe that even in a sluggish economy, our product will be appealing enough to consumers that they will still want to spend their hard-earned money on a night out at our restaurant. We know the restaurant industry is a difficult one in which to achieve success, but we are confident that our ideas and experience will give us a leg up on the competition.It is for that reason that a myriad of people do all it takes to eat when they are hungry and Restaurants are such places that is designed to address such needs.There are various kinds of restaurants all over the world. We have: These cafes are designed to meet various needs of different tribes, creeds and races.In most cases, it is the community where the restaurant is to be situated that certainly determines the style of restaurant service to be offered.For example; if one decides to start a restaurant business around a construction site; choosing an intercontinental style of restaurant or a family style restaurant might just be the best option.


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