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Although Williams published it in 1955, it is still a book of everlasting importance to...Read more In the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams, the author creates two renditions of the plays ending in order to have a different affect on the audience and to alter the meaning of the play...

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It refers to someone who is doing something that is hurting him/her physically or emotionally but he/she has to do it like a cat.

A cat has to jump on hot tin roofs to get from one place to another quickly.

In addition, Brick suggests that if Maggie stays on the “Hot Tin Roof” she might get hurt so she should jump off.

The significance of the title is to express Maggie’s emotions showing she is hurting because of the way Brick is treating her and how he has a drink problem.

This signifies all the characters have animal qualities and in actual fact, every human has them too, which may be why they lie and make mistakes.

Maggie is portrayed as a sassy character through the play and the theatre production, where Maggie is played by Lesley Harcourt, and the film, where she is played by Elizabeth Taylor.

Read more From Brick's shocking revelation to Big Daddy in Act 2 of `Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' that it was his disgust with "mendacity" that drove him to alcoholism, the overall theme of mendacity in the play beco...

Read more Discuss the roles of "mendacity" or various characters' crutches in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

This implies that the people in the play, who feel like these cats, may enjoy being in the situations they are in. In the play, the significance of the title is very important as nearly all of the main characters refer to it. This play was written in the 1950’s and addressed the problems people had in society then.

These included homosexuality, dynasty/money, dreams, alcohol problems, and strong women.


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