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We have talked about some of the positives of cell phones and how they can be used as effective learning tools.But on the flip side, cell phones even though they are a great tool, there is a huge challenge of making sure that students use them for school-related tasks only.Besides, the education system in the country is still following the traditional system and it is usually problematic or difficult to change.

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Here, we will look at some of the pros and cons and by the end of the article, you should be able to decide what is best.When students make use of their cell phones at school or in class it may result in a number of classroom management and behavioral issues.While teachers already have their hands full with a lot of things if students start misusing mobile phones for poor behavior such as cheating during exams, theft, cyber-bullying or even taking inappropriate photographs and videos, it could be disastrous.The main argument here is that teachers, instead of making unnecessary efforts or devoting most of their resources in preventing students from bringing cell phones to school, can instead embrace the change and educate students to use the devices properly.Cell phone skills may be an important aspect in the future.Apart from students, teachers are also taking advantage of cell phones by providing students with resources like videos, news stories, online discussion groups, and more.Some teachers are also allowing students to access these resources in class which further helps to encourage participation and discussions in class.So, these people tend to feel that everyone else should also receive their education in a similar manner.Now, when these people find out that students are using cell phones in class or at school they are outraged and further question the value of education provided by the institutions.While some may say that kids and parents were okay without the devices but the world has changed a lot today.As parents need to feel more secure, cell phones provide a sense of safety for students.


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