Christian Thomasius Essays On Church State And Politics

Christian Thomasius Essays On Church State And Politics-75
Das Forschungsprogramm umfasst Forschungs- und Editionsprojekte zur Universitäts-, Gesellschafts- und Kommunikationsgeschichte des 18.

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At the same time, German territorial states (such as Saxony, Bavaria and Brandenburg) increasingly claimed their political sovereignty within this framework.

A delicate balance between different confessional and political claims had to be found between these alternatives.

zusammen mit Vanda Fiorillo:] Das Naturrecht der Geselligkeit. (Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics, edited by Knud Haakonsson). Georg Olms Verlag: Hildesheim, Zürich, New York 2003.[Hrsg.:] Christian Thomasius: Drey Bücher der Göttlichen Rechtsgelahrheit. zusammen mit Kurt Seelmann:] Die Ordnung der Praxis.

zusammen mit Ian Hunter und Thomas Ahnert:] Christian Thomasius: Essays on Church, State, and Politics.

Social and psychological questions began to emerge as newly articulated problems of human society and individuality.

Arguably, this is when we can discern the advent of modernity in intellectual history, demonstrated by Francis Wheen in (1974).

As has been studied exhaustively, the 'long 19th century' came to an abrupt end with the First World War.

Less well known is how the loss of German colonies impacted on the self-image of the defeated nation, as recently studied by Britta Schilling in (2014).

After the Great War, Germany's Weimar Republic found itself in a precarious internal struggle for political survival against the threats of Communists and Nazis.

However, its short, 14-year existence saw one of the most fertile intellectual periods in German history, as discussed by Peter Gay in (2014), in which fascinating case studies show how many 'dominant Cold War concepts embraced by Americans were coined by Germans years before the global conflict with the Soviet Union had begun'.


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