Clothcraft Desynthesis

Clothcraft Desynthesis-16
This flvl is the level listed next to the fish in the Fish Guide.In general, it's the same as clvl for crafters (the level next to the recipe), but with exceptions at 50**, 50***, 51, and 60*.However, for each point after 30, the percentage loss becomes 2.5% per point (instead of 1.5%).

This flvl is the level listed next to the fish in the Fish Guide.

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The current maximum level of desynth skill (d Skill) per class is 180.00. This means you can have up to 3 classes at max with 15 points left over.

The amount of desynth skill that you gain from a successful desynth ranges from 0.01 to 0.90.

The difference between your desynthesis skill level and the item's "rlvl" determine how much experience a successful desynthesis will give you . You could get 0.30 from an item one time, and then try again without leveling up and get 0.70 from the same item at the same level.

Generally speaking, the less of a chance you have at succeeding, the more experience you will get if you do.

I have set up a spreadsheet to track items obtained by desynthing.

This database is meant primarily for new (3.0) desynthable items, but earlier items can be added. To search for items to break down, use one of the "Desynth Item Lookup" tabs (there are multiple so multiple people can search at once).

NQ Tinker's Calm provides Careful Desynthesis 3 (HQ Tinker's Calm provides 4) and lasts 10 minutes.

They both stack for a total of 6, which translates into a 15% desynth success rate.

High Quality items do not have any better chances of giving demimateria or HQ materials.

However, if you're melding materia to an item to increase desynth chances, it's worth noting that HQ items are easier to overmeld materia to (~12-20% boost).


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