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I stood there with my parents, my brother, my two uncles, my two aunts, and my cousin, who had knocked out my teeth by accident earlier that year.I held my passport that my dad had given to me, giving me more responsibility, and making me feel I was older.She thought my dear, private story was the perfect essay to be read by college admissions officers who didn’t know anything about me. Weren’t these the essays that would catch admission officers’ attention and impress them to no end?

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My memory still troubles me to think that I never have been the same ever since that experience. I knew adapting to a new language, a new custom, a new way of life, new food, and new friends would be extremely difficult, but I knew what I had to do. All this was going through my mind on that lonely cold night in February in Ahmedabad, India, as the plane noisily departed the airport, climbing to 35,000 feet in a matter of minutes.

Even at 10, I knew I had to grow up quickly, because if I did not, I would not be able to keep up with the new life. I looked down as the plane ascended, watching as we passed over buildings that had lights.

I know I can succeed in my education, bringing my diverse knowledge into one concrete institution and applying this knowledge to further my opportunities within the greater community.

My move to the United States has shaped my life, making me view education, especially, as a window to many other opportunities.

But, when I glanced at my ticket, it was as if all of my worst fears came together.

All of us slowly walked towards the entrance and towards the plane.Also, I think my ending is a little weak, can anyone help me on this? [bold]Memorable Moment[/bold] “British Airways flight 332 departing from Gate 6 is now boarding, first class passengers please come forward with your boarding passes,” called out the air stewardess on my last day.At that moment, since I was 10, I did not know any better.Since I had lacked experiences, all the minor experiences I had had were stuck with me as major familiarities. “Would seats 37 through 57 please board the plane at this time,” nonchalantly demanded the overhead speakers. I feared to look at my boarding pass to get a glance at my seat number.I knew what it was a week ago, since I had inspected the ticket almost forty times the week before; I had never gone on a plane before, and so I was expecting to be extremely excited about this day.But, the most important change I have had is my passion for education. Achieving the best I can acquire, I have had an opportunity in this country to be what I want to be, and I will not let this opportunity, as the cliché goes, slip through my fingers.I want to continue my need for education, and the next step in my chapter is college.They were the flickering stars of Earth that will soon be forgotten in my naïve 10 year old mind.Now when I look back at this moment, I can unquestionably say that I have overcame all those aspects that I once wondered about as the plane was ascending; I have overcame the language barrier; I have became habituated to the new life and custom.It’s 650 words to explore unorthodox subjects that, on the surface, wouldn’t seem like what college admissions officers are looking for.For me, that meant pushing past my first idea of writing about my accomplishments and giving myself the freedom and space to explore.


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