Community Engagement Essay

Youth who have developed meaningful positive relationships with other adults in the community have demonstrated better social and emotional development (Brennan, Barnett, and Mc Grath 2009).In addition, they also demonstrated increased social participation and community action.For the purposes of this article, a community refers to the geographical boundaries established by municipalities (e.g., city or town), a neighborhood, and/or a school environment encompassed within larger geographical boundaries (e.g., a campus or a district).

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So we can give our children the education each and every one of them deserve.

How and why certain monies get distributed in all facets in taxed payer spending.

Current research acknowledges engagement’s socially-situated nature. Community engagement therefore offers an ethical, reflexive, and socially responsive approach to community-organizational relationships with engagement practices that aim to both understand and be responsive to community needs, views, and expectations..

Community engagement enables a more contextualized understanding of community members’ perceptions of the topics and contexts, and facilitates stronger relationships among and between community members .

Community engagement may involve the use of particular key concepts relevant to the community benefit sector such as: Civic engagement refers to political activity, membership and volunteering in civil society organizations.

A social level of engagement, such as community engagement, refers to the process by which community and organizations collectively build ongoing, permanent relationships for social benefits and outcomes.Well I’m here to say not being involved in your community, or at the very least not knowing what is going on in your own backyard is detrimental to our progress in becoming more unified. Well for one how can we improve city funded programs that could be made more cost affective, that could bring us closer together, if we don’t even take the time to see what the city offers, or what they could offer if we were more involved in bringing certain programs needed to our community.What about law enforcement, and everything that it entails for our safety, and maybe how we could be exploited by our own ignorance in being prosecuted.In addition, creating communities where youth are encouraged to be engaged allows youth to adapt to and overcome adversities.By developing positive relationships with adults in the community, youth will value the community and the relationships they have developed (Brennan, Barnett, and Lesmeister 2007).First, youth development theory is based on building resilient communities where youth are surrounded by adult support.The idea is that resilient communities will have the capacity to support youth in times of need whereas non-resilient communities may lack such a capacity.Researchers have begun to study the interaction between youth engagement and positive development (Brennan and Barnett 2009; Brennan, Barnett, and Baugh 2007; Brennan, Barnett, and Lesmeister 2007; Brennan, Barnett, Mc Grath 2009; Crooks, Chiodo, Thomas, and Hughes 2009; Ludden 2011; Pearrow 2008).Youth engagement is defined as "meaningful participation and sustained involvement of a young person in an activity, with a focus outside of him or herself" (Crooks et al., 2009). It is sad to say that even myself as a citizen, lack certain characteristics helping to making progress in my community.Living in the city of Aurora I really have no sense of community, or even my surroundings at times.


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