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Actually, this is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph, but what makes it essential is the fact that it conveys the dominant idea of the whole essay.It also serves as a sort of reference point for you, preventing you from wandering off the main idea.

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Usually, the requirements for the comparison and contrast essay can be different, depending on the type of topic given or chosen.

As a rule, you are supposed to analyze two or more topics by pointing out the differences and similarities between them and drawing a conclusion at the end.

Our life is all about comparing, so when we, for example, face a choice of buying apples or pears, our decision will probably be influenced by a number of factors.

And unless it is impulse buying, when a person purchases something just after taking a quick glance at it, options are usually carefully weighed up.

Brainstorming and researching the subjects well is absolutely essential because that way you can learn about their similarities and differences.

Gather as much information as you can, including what you think irrelevant or unnecessary information, which can be filtered out later.

Using a unique hook is also a great way of reducing monotony and the feeling of sameness.

Background information - any information which is crucial to the reader's understanding of the context, essence, and concise background of the story.

When writing a compare-and-contrast essay, it is important to ensure that the hooking sentence is a concise one.

The Hook is supposed to grab the audience's attention, so it's a good idea to use a powerful statement rather than a question because it is often overused by most students.


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