Conflict Theory And Education Essay

Alternatively, the upper classes can apply economic means to exploit the lower classes of the society, through ensuring that they suppress them economically and thus places them in a situation where they will always depend on the upper classes of the society for their survival (Morrow & Torres, 1995).

Between the two major ways of suppressing the lower classes and ensuring that they remain dependent on the upper classes who own the means of production, the application of the economic means is the most effective, since it can be applied selectively amongst the different social classes to effectively sub-divide them, and ensure less resistance to the suppressions.

Marxism has been extremely influential amongst the perspectives in sociology especial where criminology is concerned.

In criminology Marxist explanations have shifted slightly from the traditional Marxist approach to much more thinned-down approach.

Conflict Theory Marx Bourgeoisie and Proletarians The Bourgeoisie and Proletarians are two groups ofindividuals in society where the Bourgeoisie completely control the means of productions of goods and services in society and the Proletarians are more or less dependent on them for their livelihood.

This control is created through machinery, the division of labor and the meager wages given to the workers.This occurred in the form of land owners and the employers exploiting the workers, through working them for long hours and hard labor, while paying them meager wages.This theory has been developed and refurbished by different scholars since then, but the fundamental similarity between all the versions of the conflict theory is that, different social groups have unequal powers to access and use material and non-material resources, although all groups are struggling for the same limited resources (Marx, 1971).An example of functionalism at work is if a person has a way of thinking or behaviors that are false or negative, the functionalist can help them become a better person by countering these assumptions with positive and helpful ones.“Structural functionalism views society as a functionally integrated system that holds an equilibrium, while conflict theory emphasizes a......BODY Conflict theory was spread like wildfire in Germany by Ralf the United Kingdom by Max Gluckman and John Rex and in the United States by Lewis A. Conflict theory(Rahim, 1990) shows us that the society or organization functions so that each individual member of the group and the groups themselves fight a day to day......Conflicts entail a number of characteristics that are unique to them. CONFLICT THEORY INTRODUCTION: We have seen many theories of society that will help explain to us why some people act this way or that way.In conflicts, there exist movers and opposition that counters in a situation of interaction. These many theories try to explain why person is sad or mad or glad or a just a plain old dad.However, even though the Bourgeoisie are controlling the Proletarians, they still depend on the Proletarians for normal and efficient functioning of society.Sociology of Knowledge Knowledge, like individuals is split into classes where a set of information and ideas is retained by the Bourgeoisie while other ideas are passed...


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