Creative Ways To Start An Essay

It is easy to get carried away when writing closing remarks, ideally the conclusion of an essay should be no longer than four sentences.

Remember to start the concluding sentence with a transition phrase such as ‘in conclusion’ or ‘in summation’ and to relate it to the hook used to bait the reader in the opening paragraph.

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Just because the conclusion, or closing statement, is made at the end of an essay that doesn’t mean that it should be viewed as ‘the end’.

Instead, it is necessary to provide supporting information by explaining clearly who or what the example is and why that is a relevant piece of information.

Descriptive Essays About My Dream House - Creative Ways To Start An Essay

Regardless of how widely known the example might be, it is still important to provide context.

This outline will help the reader to better understand what the essay is about.

The final sentence of the introductory paragraph should be used to help guide the reader into the first paragraph of the body of the essay.

Examples of hooks might be attention grabbing statistics or quotes that relate to the topic.

Once you’ve successfully grabbed the attention of the reader, it is time to move on to the thesis statement.


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