Criminal Justice Argumentative Essay Topics

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Two other essential services they provide are emergency support and protecting the basic rights for every American.

Criminal Courts The criminal courts are the next component of the criminal justice system.

The Consensus Model The consensus model is a notion that implies that the criminal justice system’s components operate as one in order to accomplish a common goal called justice for every American.

This model explains the duties of every rimming justice component, such as arrest, prosecution, and sentencing.

Offenses that require imprisonment of only six months or less are considered petty.

Thus, offenses with more serious ramifications and requires more incarcerated time will demand a jury trial for evidence to be presented and examined.They are taken in front of a magistrate judge who will tell them their rights, the charges they face, and sometimes allowing them the opportunity for bail.If the defendant does not have the adequate resources to acquire an attorney, then an appointed layover will be assigned to represent them in their case.Adjudication The United States Constitution’s Sixth Amendment states that every individual charged with a crime has the right to a trial by a jury.However, petty offenses do not meet the criteria of the Sixth Amendment.While the offender is imprisoned, they provide safe housing facilities and supervision.Moreover, during that period of time the correctional agencies rehabilitate, reintegrate, and reform prisoners to be more productive citizens when they are released back into society.The penalty may consist of several types of punishments.It could be a fine, supervised probation, a prison term, a combination of them, or ultimately death by lethal injection.Correctional Agencies Last, the third and final core component of the criminal justice system is the correctional agencies.These particular agencies carry out sentences imposed by the courts.


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