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This kismet for the candidates has been occupying my mind for more than this past week.

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If you do not think your experience is very strong, trust me your interviews will not think so.

I encourage you to look for an academic Teaching Hospital where you can really ramp up your skills.

The competition is huge on all sides and the determination to prevail is required. Do I have enough inner drive toget me over all of the hurtles that will be in the path?

” If you just take a self-check now and measure your pulse you will know. If not then maybe you should just settle for another area of practice.

Now for the hard part that has been put before us, the personal interviews.

What amazed me the most about the interviews were the surprises that I found in the potential students that were interviewed this past week.This past week I had the privilege to participate in candidate interviews for our Nurse Anesthesia Program here at the University of Southern California housed in the Keck School of Medicine program.Beginning this process started with reading through long dossiers from each of the candidates including transcript records and personal statements.In these past few days I have been pondering this question.What makes a candidate perfect for Nurse Anesthesia?After reading 35 or so of these collections, the process of evaluating each of them individually began.This whole process was inconsequential without meeting these wonderful people and putting a face and personality to the paper facade that I had been poring over for so long.Finally, take these suggestions a grain of humor in the middle of your struggles to rise to something new in your nursing practice.First, you must know that I am on your side and want all of you to succeed and shine in your chosen field of Nurse Anesthesia Practice.We will all decide together which candidates will be best for our program in the class starting in this fall.There are several more interviewing days and many more candidates to see so its back to work reading and thinking about what it is that makes a candidate for a Nurse Anesthesia Program shine.


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