Darkness At Noon Essay By Harold Krents

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Cigarettes have a weird rapper like a pull tab, but just tear the plastic rap to skip past more crap you don’t want to deal with for now. If your cigarette has a filter, you will know because if you hold the thing in between your teeth, not between your lips its gunna have some give to it like rubber and when you poke at it with your tongue it will be flat. Now hold the lighter just in front of the tip of the cigarette, like you may have done as a kid when you were playing with magnets, almost touching but not, The flame comes straight up out of the lighter and widens, so if you hold the tip of the cigarette fucked up your going to light it crooked or in the upper third, rather than the tip.

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Yet, he smokes cigarettes, and it’s an important part of the story, since when his neighbor visits, she doesn’t know he’s blind, and teases him about flipping his ashes on the coffee table, which he doesn’t realize, because she had picked up the ashtray to use it herself.

But got me wondering what would make someone blind from birth even take up smoking.

Krent’s chooses to use words which are effective, and relay a definite scene to the reader.

Some examples are: “…enunciating each word very carefully”, “..

When your done with your cigarette, you can’t see, so jesus, grind it out But really, you shouldn’t smoke. Dark Shades inside tip people off, especially with a dog.

Hi; I just saw the play Butterflies Are Free, initially a Broadway play and then a movie, and the main character was blind since birth.

the dread word is spoken, the ticket agent’s retina will immediately detach…”and “…my saint-like disposition deserted me…I finally blurted out…” He creates intense sympathy between the reader and himself by telling his stories in a personable and friendly writing voice.

After explaining these misconceptions of society, Krents begins to talk about their effect, “…one of the most disillusioning experiences of my life.

He obviously wouldn’t be influenced by watching characters from movies or television or seeing photos of them doing so in magazines, nor from watching others smoke.

I know the story is loosely based on an an advocate for blind and disabled, the attorney Harold Krents, who died in 1987.


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