Definition Of White Paper Research

For a scientific journal article, the goal is to add to the body of knowledge in a meaningful way.

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The author will build a logical framework with evidence from previous work, while acknowledging opposing viewpoints or possible contradictions.

scientific paper will contain clear mention of the study's strengths and weaknesses, and any concluding statements will be carefully phrased in order to remain open-ended and neutral.

For these documents, the authors are not only responsible for the narrative, they are also the lead investigators in the study, the experts analyzing data for their peers in the scientific world.

Their published work is inexorably tied to their names, their careers, and their professional legacy.

Both will have citations, either as footnotes or end notes, using current research from respected journals and thought leaders.

Even the formatting will look similar, with section headings including a brief summary, background, analysis, and presentation of data.Authors of significant work may also benefit from career advancement, requests for presentations at conferences and symposia, and availability of granting opportunities to continue their research.These results may seem amorphous to the layperson, but contributing to the vast body of academic knowledge is the pursuit of every research scientist.If the goal of the white paper produced by a for-profit company is persuading the reader to reach a specific conclusion, then the desired result of that document is a sale by the company that sponsored it.A white paper may not contain a sales pitch, but its carefully crafted message is intended to guide the reader to a specific decision: Investment in the product being described.There are white papers produced by non-profit organizations, including professional associations, that are also persuasive rather than neutral.(An example would be a white paper about climate change produced by an environmental non-profit agency.) In these cases, the goal is to present and defend a specific viewpoint with no direct sales or commercial interest in mind.This last type, the concise document with information to solve a problem, came to be the formula for what is now known in many industries as a "white paper." Today, white papers are produced for sales purposes by for-profit companies, making them a marketing tool that can often be confused with a neutral scientific paper.While both publications have their purpose, it is important for the consumer to know how they differ.They are both presented with an emphasis on narrative rather than design, so neither will have flashy artwork or photographs and statistics are presented in black and white tables or graphs.They are similar in length - from 6 to 12 pages, give or take.


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