Dental Malpractice Case Studies

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This is a very basic dental negligence definition, and this page will try to expand on this to impart a better understanding of what your rights are if you have been a victim of dental negligence.In the period from 2013 to 2014, the Family Health Service in the UK reported almost 7,000 cases of dental negligence had occurred.

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Although dental negligence is rare, it does occur, and the damage caused to a patient can be both severe, and long-lasting.

Furthermore, many of the injuries that can be caused by dental negligence, can lead to permanent facial disfigurement and scarring.

A plaintiff must prove that the health care provider caused the injury or made an existing condition worse by his or her action (or inaction).

Again, testimony from a qualified expert medical witness is critical to establishing causation.

Dental negligence is a term that is used to describe mistakes or mishaps made by dentists, or health care professionals who specialise in dentistry, that lead to an injury for their patients.

Dental malpractice claims are pursued for a range of reasons, including badly executed surgical procedures, inaccurate diagnosis of a condition, and the prescription of the wrong medication.

The parties then exchange discovery, which includes documentation such as the patient’s dental records, records of any subsequent treatment, and evidence of the treatment costs incurred by the plaintiff and/or his or her dental insurer.

Discovery also includes testimony from the plaintiff, the defendant, and any other fact witnesses (e.g., employees in the dentist’s office, and prior or subsequent treating dentists). Expert witnesses can be dentists who evaluate the patient's records, or experts who testify about the financial harm the plaintiff suffered as a result of the sub-standard care.

And in these cases, a claim for compensation based on this dental negligence is possible.

Within this guide, you will find all of the information you will need to educate yourself about the process of claiming compensation for dental negligence if you have been unfortunate enough to have become a victim of it.


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