Different Types Of Discrimination Essay

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The question arises whether this is a typical model of a human’s behavior, pre-programmed by the very nature or, maybe, some stereotypes and prejudices are just intentionally imposed by the society we live in.

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They do not basically belong to the same societal group and we experience some feeling of their segregation or even some kind of absolutely unjustified superiority over them.

People are highly prejudiced and most of them do not like to accept differences as it is much more convenient to live in a comfortable world surrounded by people with the same beliefs, colour of skin, social status while showing utmost contempt for people who do not fit in with the same category even though those individuals might be 10 times smarter than you are or have some outstanding talents or achievements you could never dream of.

This is one of the most bright and even horrible representatives of discrimination.

However, there are a lot of good examples of bias attitude towards other races or representatives of other religions throughout the history.

The illusional image of a perfect man or woman is totally subjective and applying our own mental paradigm of expectations and requirements to other people seems to be an act of deceiving ourselves.

By denying the fact that each and every person is unique we basically deny our uniqueness as well.

We should respect our individuality and individuality of other people despite their race, colour of skin, culture, religious beliefs, ethnicity, social status as all people are supposed to have equal rights and opportunities.

People who show zero tolerance and enjoy discriminating against different social groups should think how they would feel if the same attitude was shown to them in case they were born in a different family or at a different location or time.

Besides common types of discrimination like religious or racial ones, there are such types that even difficult to identify like discrimination.

It is necessary to consider those who are deprived of their rights.


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