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In short, it is argued that Sauer was perpetuating the Goethean conception of science he was exposed to as an undergraduate at Central Weslevan.

As computers are increasingly used as tools for personal multimedia production the question arises, “What place might such digital creation have in education as notions of “authoring” expand?

You may find that dissertations and theses from other institutions have embargoes of different lengths or have other restrictions.

But in general, even while the full text is embargoed, the citation and abstract is still made available to researchers.

Full-text UC dissertations since 1996 are available from Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses.

As of March 13, 2012, UCLA's Graduate Division only accepts electronic filing of theses and disserations. The thesis is not an analysis of the school per se, but rather an investigation into it's origin and underlying world view. Historical geography in north America virtually owes its existence to Sauer's efforts.Crews for Pro Quest (PDF) ⇒ "So You Want People to Read Your Thesis?" by Danny Kingsley, Australian Open Access Support Group ETD stands for Electronic Theses and Dissertations.” and “What can this tell us about the potential place of digital multimedia authorship in adult education programs?” Focusing on the experiences of two adult students over the course of two Digital Storytelling workshops, this study uses a qualitative, interpretive approach in exploring answers to these questions.You may also choose to register your thesis or dissertation with the US Copyright Office.This can be done during the Pro Quest submission process for a fee of .00, or directly with the Copyright Office for .00.Data include students' writing from a concurrent journaling class, author's fieldnotes, formal and informal interviews, and the scripts and digital stories produced.Adult students commonly return to school in response to desire for self-improvement or change in their lives, hoping that education will lead to transformation in circumstance and self-esteem despite past experiences of disempowerment in the classroom.


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