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The Bluetooth network is also known as Personal Area Network or Piconet in which there are 2 to 8 devices.One is the master device that initiates the communication while other are the slaves.

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The work that a nanoelectronic device can do depends upon its size.

With increase in volume, the power of the device will increase.

The controller stack is implemented in low-cost silicon devices that contains Bluetooth radio and a microprocessor.

The host stack is implemented on the top of the operating system or as an installable package on the operating system.

Mobile phones and Communication network have brought the world closer.

All thanks to electronics and communication engineers working towards the development of these electrical products.In this technology, the data is transmitted in the form of packets. Along with this it is also a very good choice for major project in ECE.There are two processes of Bluetooth technology: Many consumers are using this technology worldwide for streaming audio, data exchange and broadcasting information. The Bluetooth protocol stack is divided into two parts: Controller Stack and the host stack.Two types of photodetectors mainly used in fibre optic communication are PN photodiode and avalanche photodiode.Embedded Systems are the type of physical hardware systems with software embedded in that.The wavelength near to the infrared is used for communication.Photodetector – A photodetector is a device that converts light signals into electric signals.The slave devices respond to the action of the master device.The master device governs the transmission between the slave devices.The light signal is transmitted using optic fibre cable to the receiver where it is converted back into electric signals.The receiver consists of a photodetector that measures the frequency of the optic field.


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