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Contact electrical retailers and do-it-yourself stores about opportunities to become their recommended electrician for customers who need installation for products like home entertainment systems, security systems or home automation.Quality of service, word-of-mouth referrals and relationships with construction industry professionals are key to success for small contractors.

It might sound a bit airy fairy, but at the end of the day, a personal understanding of what’s motivating you to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey will create a strong foundation on which to build your business. 1 Training and qualifications The absolute first step is to obtain education and training from a certified trade school or apprenticeship programme.

No matter how ‘gung ho’ you are at changing lightbulbs, official certification is essential.

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In most states, you will need an electrical contractor license. In certain states, you may need local permits for compliance with public safety, diversity, and occupational health and safety legislation.

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The National Electrical Contractors Association provides a guide to individual state requirements. You can obtain details of local requirements by using the Business Licenses and Permits Search Tool available from the U. Take out insurance to cover your premises and equipment, as well as public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

You’ll be hard pressed to secure clients without it, and will also be putting your safety (and the safety of any employees you take on) at risk.

Programmes vary not just from country to country, but also between states, regions and provinces. 2 Resources The next big factor to get serious about is resources and capital.

To start a company, you must have the skills, experience and licenses to handle a wide range of electrical installation, upgrading and maintenance projects for residential and commercial customers, plus the ability to manage a business.

Customers want to know your firm can provide a safe, reliable, quality service.


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