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Ones sense of morality is then seen in retrospect as one of the most important parts of a persons life.Did I do the right thing is seen as more important than did I possess as much as I could have or was I as happy as I could have been?Well you may be correct in thinking that most people in the world are Ethical Egoists (EE) in that they think about what pleases them first.

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At times doing the morally correct thing will not make the actor happy except to know that they did what was right.

It is only the Egoist that thinks doing what is correct must always make the actor happy.

Occasional tension or arguments are a normal part of family life.

Whether it’s with your parents or siblings, there are things you can do to stop conflict from getting worse.

Few make judgments as to its worth based on how much they own.

Most people regard how they treated others and were treated by them as much more important than possessions of material objects.If you’re fighting with your parents, you might try having a calm conversation with them about what’s going on.They’ll probably be impressed to see you take such a mature approach to the problem, especially if you initiate it.If a person is tempted to think that several of the theories could be employed in a single life the result would be a person who would choose which theory to employ to support the decision of what that person was to do in a manner that would provide that person with the outcome that the person most preferred.This approach is a consequentialist approach, which is centered on the outcome for the decision maker.However, if you feel unsafe or can’t resolve it on your own, you should get help.There are different ways of dealing with family conflict. Even if they just give you some time to think about what to do next, that’s a start.So, which principle is it that we are to use direct our lives and to give it a meaning and a value through our choice? In Philosophy the attempt is made to consider the principle that would serve best, the principle, which has the fewest disadvantages, and hopefully to find a principle that is the best to meet the demands of the current world situation and is correct as to setting humans on a path of conduct that serves the core values of the human community.When people are confronted with their impending deaths they often review their lives.What will be the principle of the GOOD used to make moral decisions?Do you want to make decisions with yourself at the center or do you want to THINK and arrive at a principle consistent with your values that you will use to make moral decisions and you will attempt to convince others to use as well so that there can be resolution to moral conflicts.


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