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In what ways did the enlightenment undermine the concept of absolutism.The Enlightenment and its belief in reason led to changes in the way people thought about science, government, and economics.

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France along with Russia had absolute monarchs who had a vast amount of power and wealth.

However England was doing the opposite by trying to limit royal power, they also protected the rights of some of their people.

Anyway, either both approaches would give us the same result, Autocracy, a form of government ruled by a single person.

Not to mention that this person couldn't be questioned or disobeyed, so the King ruled with absolute and unshared...

Influential thinkers such as Adam Smith advocated a system of economics in which the government played a passive role.

This was very different from the active role European governments (such as those of Britain and France) played in mercantilism, in In the 1600’s and 1700’s Europe had much going on when it came to government.

Through European monarchs would lose much of its territories throughout the world, England would control the world’s gateways to trade, which would in turn led her to a dominate and peaceful Victorian age.

One must study the seeds of the Revolution of 1763, The American Revolution Before one can define the impact of the three Atlantic Revolutions on Africa, one must look back to the prior decade before the American Revolution and discuss what led to it.

The new Reformation doctrines included topics like individual liberty, the priesthood of all believers, where everyone shared an equal religious authority and a Calvinist movement idea which was the "voluntary associations." The political philosophers reached and disseminated two different approaches, which were, the "natural law" and the "King's Divine Right." The first one consisted on that there where immutable natural laws which should govern states and their relations to the citizens.

In the other hand they had the Divine Rights of a King, in which as I already said, it was a system of thought that was derived from the medieval theories of kingdoms, where certain kings were in charge to rule because they were "chosen" by God, so there was no other alternative and they had to be Kings and do the god's will.


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