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I has been proposed that certain chemical imbalances in the brain cause clinical symptoms in MDD.

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I feel IAPT training is potentially exposing vulnerable people to harm, because of the brief IAPT training that does not focus on the quality of the relationship, awareness of the counsellor, and the lack of knowledge that some CBT and primary well-being practitioners have about counselling and psychotherapy.

I hope that this essay will offer me the chance to explore my assumptions about CBT and thus influence my practise and views.

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The model is used to treat people who have psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety (Beck, 2002) and focuses on changing behaviour in the future, by changing the dysfunctional way a person thinks about things that occur in the environment (Mc Leod, 1998).

CBT argues that humans are not created by biological influences and sensations but are actively involved in constructing their reality (Neenan & Dryden, 2004).

Main Components of CBT There appears to be agreement within research and theorists that CBT has the following key components: case formulation, collaborative empirical knowledge base and therapeutic alliance (Beck, 1983, Persons, 2008).

Patients remain active participants in the development and review of case formulation, which acts as a hypothetical framework to provide perspective on present day difficulties (which may be more overt to patient and therapist) and underlying psychological interaction between beahviours, thoughts and feelings (Persons, 2008).

Introduction The Department of Health's review Treatment Choice in Psychological Therapies and Counselling (Department of Health, 2001) formed a key document which reviewed psychological treatments and patient outcomes.

It was the most comprehensive review since the work of Roth and Fonagy (1996) and the evidence base for psychological therapies was reviewed within The Psychological Therapies ' Matrix' which intended to aid delivery of the range of therapies, at the same time as aiding services meeting the HEAT Psychological Therapies Access Target (NHS Scotland, 2011).


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