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After this harrowing experience how could I not be enraged enough to understand that I had to do something to moderate the world in which I live.In the summer of 2006, reviewing the life experiences that hunted me and the calamitous situation in which many lived where I came from, I moved to change those aspects that were most apparent to me.

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These same powerful people were the ones who most likely hired the team of criminals who kidnapped my brothers and me, leaving us with agonizing and painful memories.

My parents were forced to hire psychologists to help alleviate the trauma that remains with us to this day.

I looked deep into stereotyping and I found that being barefoot was not that uncommon, nor was it healthy.

After doing some research I realized that shoes would help them in the fight against environmentally caused diseases, cuts, scratches and parasites, as well as progressing in terms of world development.

It would educate them on the many things they had missed out about religion and Jewish tradition.

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Most importantly, we bring together hundreds of teens every Saturday into groups and teams of their own ages (In addition to field trips and weekend-long camping experiences).

Last year I was honored as the “Best Madrich” for my motivation, leadership and encouragement, for which reason I received the Dr. When I lived in Venezuela I was aware that many people suffered and had to struggle to sustain their families without ever being sure that they would see the light of day. After my arrival in the United States I knew that I would never be able to eradicate these images in my mind.

I had lived for thirteen years in an underdeveloped country, where injustices and societal flaws were covered up by the fraudulent action of a few very powerful men.

Thinking big, to start small, I came across an idea that had been passed through me in different stages of my life- world poverty.

I did see it with my own eyes in Venezuela, but I read about it and studied it thoroughly having arrived to America.


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