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A few more points if you want to think a bit further (but these aren’t vital to the argument! Derrida says that history is traditionally thought to be determined by Being.

Derrida lays many of his presuppositions out in a hard but very important essay called 'Structure, Sign and Play' in the Discourse of the Human Sciences.

You can tell what it is going to be like from the title! Western thought and language have always had a fixed centre in absolute truth.

This places limits on what it is possible to think or believe. However Derrida’s underlying assumption (which this essay does not explore) is that there is no God in the equation to guarantee such absolutes, and hence ideas about certainty are now ruptured.

It provides a foundation for being (ie what we are), and for knowing (ie how we think). He concludes that any idea of a fixed centre was only a structure of power imposed on us by our past or by institutions of society, and does not in reality exist at all. Hence for Derrida there is no ultimate reality, no God outside the system to which everyone and everything relates.

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