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Subjects include Ammons himself and some of his fellow soldiers as well as views of the military installation on Vung Chua Mountain and of the city of Qui Nhon. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The James Douglas Anderson Papers, Addition 1, span the years 1885- 1940. Archivo General De Indias Papeles De Cuba Legajo, January-December 1814. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This collection is comprised of photocopies of official Spanish correspondence concerning the activities of the United States, Great Britain, and Spain in Florida during the year 1814. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Ardent Gardeners are a group of African-American women who first met in 1951 to learn, cultivate, and celebrate their love of gardening. A large part of the Bailey papers is composed of the music collection of Professor Carl Schroeder of Portland, Tennessee. In his will, Bell stipulated that his remaining slave families not be separated when sold. Bell, Jr., Churches Of Tennessee, Photograph Collection, 1950-1970. during 1951-1978 when he was church news editor for the Nashville Banner. In addition, there are five hand-written nineteenth century arithmetic. He laments the shortage of clothes and urges her to write frequently. Most of the documents are in Italian, and include correspondence, pay envelopes, a contract for purchase of restaurant supplies, and receipts and sales materials from Mariani Bros., a New York firm specializing in liquor, wine, and grocery sales. These are copies made from the originals which remain in a private collection. Included are correspondence, orders, reports, and returns, as well as documents relating to military elections and resignations. Bransford, and other members of the family including a great deal of genealogical data detailing the family lines of the Bransfords, Johnsons, Sterling Smiths, Lees, Withers, Claibornes, Lewises, and other kindred families. The correspondence during the period 1933-1936 relates to the lending phase of the Corporation. Louis, Mo., congratulating him on the successful arrival of the first overland mail from San Francisco to St. Heath as postmaster at Dubuque, Iowa, 1858; a letter, 1846, to Col. The regiment trained at Camp Sevier, South Carolina and thereafter was sent to France. The 114th was mustered out of service on April 6, 1919. James Douglas Anderson (1867-1948) Papers--Addition 1 (1885-1940). The addition consists of 22 scrapbooks compiled by Mr. Although most of the letters are written in Spanish, a few documents include English copies of reports and orders issued by Andrew Jackson and British commanders. These records reflect the association's intentions, goals, organization, its founding members, and some of the association's activities. Professor Schroeder married Theodosia Bailey (1836-1921) a daughter of Samuel H. Researchers interested in early music should find the collection of interest. It consists of 606 photograph negatives of church officers, buildings, and church related events including conventions, meetings, and homecomings. The names of many well-known Williamson County persons appear in the volumes. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] These are the papers of William Wells Berry (1813-1876) of Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, druggist, banker, businessman, and owner of extensive land holdings. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Betty Family Papers, of Rutherford County, Tennessee, consist of correspondence, three loose documents, genealogical data, photographs, and sketches. These records consist of birth, death and marriage dates from the Bibles of families primarily of Obion County, Tennessee and Fulton County, Kentucky. Genealogical information relates to the Bills, House, Houston, Miller and Polk families. Wright Lumber Company but also the Bolivar Hampshire Farms and was well known as a breeder of Hampshire hogs. Others mentioned in the papers include Philip Rotella, Giovannina Rotella, Angela Duggan, A. Personal documents include an estate record of James Bradley, Brazoria, Texas, 1836; a letter from J. Polk's nephew and secretary, concerning the prospect of war with Mexico; and other items of personal and business correspondence. Bradley was born in Williamson County, Tennessee and was a Franklin, Tennessee merchant and Major General in the Tennessee Militia before moving to Crittenden County, Arkansas in 1847. The correspondence contains several Civil War letters, two of which are written in pencil on cloth. Subsequent correspondence deals primarily with disposal of properties and attempts to recover the costs of loans.

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His younger daughter, Willie, was born after he left for service. Newman in 1882, and to this day is referred to as Willie Betty Newman.) "Beyond The Myths: Tennessee's Cultural Heritage" 1985. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] "Beyond the Myths: Tennessee's Cultural Heritage" consists of 1 folder outlining the project and 14 reel-to-reel tapes. Linneman, Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and then produced by radio station WUTC-FM, the campus radio station. John Mc Cormack, Director of WUTC-FM, served as the project coordinator.

She became an internationally acclaimed artist and had a studio in Paris, France, and later in Nashville, Tennessee, where she died in 1935. This series was made possible by a grant from the Tennessee Committee for the Humanities, Inc.

Carter was the Clerk of Circuit Court for Carter County, Tennessee in the 1840's. Catron was active in politics and in 1836 directed the presidential campaign of Martin Van Buren in Tennessee.

[View Manuscript Finding Aid] These papers are centered around the life of Joseph Marion Dixon Cates (1815-1887), Baptist preacher and publisher of The Baptist Messenger, of the Cateston Community, Cannon County, Tennessee. He became Chief Justice of the Court and served until 1836 when he retired in accordance with a provision of the new state constitution.

School life at Tarbox, Wallace's School, and Vanderbilt University is described with comments about activities, teachers, and friends in these schools. Base camp was at Lai Khe, near Saigon, but the activities of his battalion took him near Quan Loi, Bu Dop, Di An, Song Be, and finally Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta and during his second tour was assigned to the 194th M. Company (attached to the First Signal Brigade), which was serving as a security force on Vung Chua Mountain near the city of Qui Nhon on the South China Sea coast. Bedford, planter, Panola County, Mississippi, were written to friends and acquaintances all over the United States during the years 1853 to 1867. The interviews concentrate on the political life of Frank G. Bunting was sent as a missionary to Texas by the Presbyterian Church in 1851, and served pastorates at La Grange, Columbus, and San Antonio, Texas, prior to the Civil War.

There are descriptions of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, the street cars, many Nashville homes and buildings which have disappeared, performances which took place in Nashville, Beersheba Springs, and numerous other interesting details. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This collection is composed of account books, cards, certificates, clippings, correspondence, genealogies, photographs, writings, and several miscellaneous items. The mountain served as a communications installation. They give an interesting and valuable picture of conditions in the area around the little town of Como in Panola County, Mississippi where he lived during the greater part of the period in which the letters were written. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Stephen Dean Boyd Interviews on Frank G. Clement, with occasional references to Clement's childhood. Clement served as Tennessee's governor from 1953-1959, and again 1963-1967. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Bradford Family Papers are centered around Frederick Bradford ( - 1866), Nashville, Tennessee, farmer. In 1861 he was made Chaplain of Terry's Texas Rangers, Eighth Texas Cavalry. Bunting's letters are in the University of Texas library. The early group of letters, from his first year in Vietnam, give a detailed description of routine infantry activities such as ambush patrols, search-and-destroy missions, guarding the perimeter of base camp, and road clearing operations. It is interesting to note that he was the only person who voted locally against secession. Boyd for his dissertation at the University of Illinois, and a copy of the dissertation titled "The Campaign Speaking of Frank Clement in the 1954 Democratic Primary: Field Study and Rhetorical Analysis" is available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Possibly the most valuable letters are those written by Bradford's sons, John and Edward, members of the 20th Tennessee Volunteers, Confederate States of America. After the war he served pastorates at Nashville, Tennessee, Galveston, Texas, Rome, Georgia, and Gallatin, Tennessee. Ammons gives especially good information on daily life in an infantry unit and on the arms and equipment used by the soldiers. Hay, Jr., commander of the First Infantry Division, and Ammons' opportunity to see the Bob Hope Christmas Show on Christmas Eve, 1967 at Lai Khe. His letters during the Civil War tell of the burning of his cotton by Confederates to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Federals. The papers of Joseph Alfred Blevins of Greeneville, Tennessee, and his family includes certificates, clippings, deeds, receipts, one letter, and a school register, 1927-1928. They were first at Camp Trousdale, May to August of 1861. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The collection is composed largely of the military records of Lt. The major topics of these letters are the Creek Indian uprising and the efforts of the British to remove the United States from Florida and Louisiana. Included in the records are: minutes, correspondence, guest books, yearbooks, news clippings, programs, invitations, reports, lectures, a history, biographies, photographs of their gardening work, and photographs of members past and present, from almost two decades of Ardent Gardener meetings and activities. They include William Bateman, Ephraim Brown, John Cartright, Stephen Childress, John D. Most of the materials relate to transactions involving land in either Davidson County, Tennessee, or Jefferson County, Arkansas. Included in the correspondence are letters from William Francis Mc Clanahan Betty (ca. These records were donated by the Union City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Colonists. The business correspondence also includes many incoming and outgoing letters of John V. He was a Unionist leader of Arkansas ' secession convention and was later appointed as Brigadier General of the Eastern Division of Arkansas' Confederate military units. Reading these letters gives the researcher an insight into the inner-workings of a loan business venture at a time when the nation was recovering from a deep economic depression and was facing a worldwide war. The correspondence relates to the affairs of the business as it was carried out in the region of the Home Owners Loan Corporation in the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Ohio. Association for the Preservation Of Virginia Antiquities Records, 1904-1970. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Records of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA), 1904-1970, consists of seven volumes including three scrapbooks consisting of clippings, correspondence, photographs, programs, membership lists, meeting minutes, and a genealogical list of the Virginia ancestry of the Nashville members of the APVA. The autograph collection is composed of autograph albums and letters from various sources which have been brought together by the Manuscript Section. Garrett, Zacheus German, Thomas Gray, Joseph Hews, Benjamin Lee, Benjamin Leigh, James Mc Gavock, Hezekiah Oden, Daniel Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, William Perkins, Demay Sawyer, Henry Steward, William Swanson, Benjamin Tarkington, Abraham Truett, and John Williamson. They consist of correspondence, accounts, bills, and receipts, 1844-1870; Confederate money, oath of allegiance, receipts for cotton crops destroyed for the Confederacy during the Civil War; contract for employment of an overseer, and court cases, 1869-1870; land records, 1830-1893; maps, a memorandum, promissory notes, 1854-1866; slave records, 1841-1853; and tax records, 1848-1894. 1829-1902/03) to his wife, Sophie Burrus (Rucker) Betty (1839-1866), before and after they married in 1859. Wright relating to his hardwood saw mills located at Bolivar and Gilmore, Arkansas. This appointment was revoked during the first year of the Civil War. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] This collection of accounts and account books is for the general merchandise store of William M. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The collection is concentrated on the activities surrounding and leading up to the inauguration of Governor Lamar Alexander on January 20, 1979. Allen of Rhea, Polk, and Meigs Counties, Tennessee. The deeds are tracts and parcels located in Bledsoe (1907-1908), Blount (1889), Bradley (1877), Meigs (1886), Rhea (1887-1911), Hawkins (1834), counties, Tennessee, and the Ocoee District (1849-1853) in Tennessee. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The Allen Family Papers -- Addition, 1834-1942, is centered around the Allen, Henegar, and Lea families, including Valentine Collins Allen III, Valentine C. Allen, Robert Lafayette Allen, Jennie Allen, and William B. Also described are more personal moments such as an encounter with Maj. Beginning in late March, 1968, Ammons also expresses his feelings regarding the war and America's participation in it. Bailey (1797-n.d.), farmer and merchant, of Sumner County, Tennessee. He discontinued farming his land on the Mississippi River after his crop was burned and removed his slaves to other farms away from the River. Woodson, Director of the Journal of Negro History; Patterson Bain, a descendant of Montgomery Bell's sister, Christine Sadler, and others. Blevins taught school and served as circuit court clerk and state representative from Greene County, Tennessee. After this time the letters show the brothers were sent to the following places: Cumberland Gap; Camp King; Camp Barry; Camp Zollicoffer; Camp Cumberland; Camp Buckner; Tullahoma; a camp near Atlanta; and Camp Chase, a Ohio prison camp. Ellsworth Brown as the Regimental Telephone Officer (RTO), Headquarters company of the 114th Field Artillery. Brown served as the signal officer for the 114th and his papers reflect that military capacity. Henry, Sr., tell of trepidations faced by the soldiers serving in the Creek War. He voices some misgivings about American involvement in Vietnam, stating that it is "not worth the loss of life." He graphically describes the horror of seeing his first dead body as well as some of the losses absorbed by his own company, most notably in action on Jan. The letters from his second tour include less information about patrols (although he did participate in some patrols and earned the Combat Infantry Badge on one) and more about the everyday tedium of guarding a single installation. He was born in Virginia and while fifteen years of age served in the War of 1812. This collection consists of clippings, correspondence, speeches, writings, and several miscellaneous items of William Ewing Beard of Nashville, Tennessee, a soldier, journalist, war correspondent, naval historian, and officer of the Tennessee Historical Society. In 1865 he moved to Shelby County, Tennessee but continued to run his plantation in Panola County, Mississippi. [View Manuscript Finding Aid] The papers include some biographical data relating to Montgomery Bell's family; several newspaper clippings; about 44 letters concerning Bell's life obtained from a number of prominent individuals; a sketch of Montgomery Bell Academy by Judge Robert Ewing; some brief sketches and notes written by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore; Park Marshall, of Franklin; Andrew M. Bell's most outstanding accomplishment was the establishment of about 14 iron furnaces throughout Middle Tennessee. Some of the business correspondence pertains to the management of the Bills' plantation, "Cornucopia," outside of Bolivar. The last letter of Edward is dated May 16, 1963, from Fairfield, Bedford County, Tennessee. This is a collection consisting primarily of papers relating to Thomas H. The papers are composed of instructional memoranda concerning signal operations, artillery range, and deflection calculations, field messages, special, and general orders, photographs and related materials. Henry, a graduate of Princeton University, are particularly noteworthy in meticulously describing personal and local activities. There is a carbon copy of one of Andrew Jackson's letters, dated July 1, 1827, to General Richard K. Access to society journal content varies across our titles.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.


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