Essay On 1984

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The world was shocked by Snowden’s revelations and we all realized we were living in the society that Orwell was afraid of.

People were shocked to find out that governments were monitoring their online activities and listening to their conversations. However, the media spins that presented Snowden as a traitor and a spy effectively separated the public opinion in two extremes.

It’s not intriguing because it presents one man’s visualization of the future. When this book first came out, it frightened people.

Since the book was published in the middle of the 20th century, the year 1984 appeared too close.

They are recording the location of our homes and exposing it online. Today, every single citizen’s privacy is affected, whether or not they are part of the social media craze.

Although democratic societies are not totalitarian like the society described in Orwell’s 1984, they are still part of the monitoring system. Although there are independent sources that warn the citizens about their privacy being affected, they don’t get much attention.

At the beginning, 1984 made people think, but it was still approached as fiction. However, the theme of the book was also falsely approached as a critique to totalitarianism only.

As it turned out, this book questions the values of all societies, including the democracy we used to idealize so much.

No matter who the President is, the main policies remain the same.

Just like in Orwell’s 1984, this is a sustainable, powerful system that consumes the citizen’s privacy for ‘a greater good’.


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