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Some of the examples of terrorism are bombing of US Embassy, atom bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc.The main goal of the terrorists is fulfillment of their demands by the government of a specific country.

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India is a developing country who has faced many challenges in the past and currently, terrorism which a big national problem.

It has faced challenges like hunger death, illiteracy, poverty, inequality, population explosion and terrorism which have affected its growth and development to a great extent.

Slowly they are taken under the confidence of some bad people in the society where they are promised to get fulfilled all the desires.

They get together and form a group of terrorists to fight with their own nation, society and community.

Terrorism has affected all the youths of the country, their growth and development.

It has pulled the nation many years back from the proper development.We should make a strong policy to completely destroy its kingdom as well as removing the striking terror from the human minds.Terrorism uses violent ways to achieve the purpose and get positive result.Explaining terrorism is not so easy as it has spread its roots very deep.Terrorists have any rule and law; they only use violent acts intending to create and enhance level of terror in the society and country.Terrorism has become a big national and international problem all over the world.It is a global issue which has affected almost all the nations throughout the world directly or indirectly.Terrorism is a big national issue which is using the human mind to get complete victory.Terrorism is terrifying the mind of the human being to make them weak so that they can rule the nation again. We all should think about terrorism together to finish it from the root.Terrorism is the unlawful act done by group of people by the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence to directly create terror and fear among common people for achieving their targets including personal, social, religious, political, and ideological aims.Now-a-days people are really afraid of the terrorism and terrorists attack all time.


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