Essay On Attitude And Behaviour

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When you've got an attitude of optimism, expectancy and enthusiasm, opportunities grow, and problems shrink.

Achieving an "attitude of gratitude" requires more than simply being aware of what's wonderful in your life.

You must, and should, thank other people for their gifts to you, even if that gift is something as simple as a smile.

(It's because of something called a mirror neuron).

Therefore, you should surround yourself with positive thinkers and shun those who are excessively negative.

Television bridges the age-differences and helps its viewers to get complete exposure to the outside world.

Even the young viewers get complete thrill of venturing on an Amazon safari through television triggering their imaginative mind for their better.

Television, as an audio-visual medium presents its subjects through powerful visual images which directly speak to the viewers.

The images offer a great deal of information and have an enormous potential to shape the reality of the viewers.

Television has played a revolutionary role as a mass medium to disseminate information at a much faster pace as compared to other forms of media.

This helps in speeding up the learning process at an early age.


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