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Several importance of optimism link to power is explored in the paper written by Puri and Robinson, it is the root of many economic phenomena, it is important in financial intermediation, it can create an impact on corporate financial and accounting decisions as well as inflate prices of security when there is the presence of short-sale constraints.

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He repositioned his thoughts, attitudes, and started working towards success.

After some months, things got better for him, and he became powerful through his successful thoughts. Against common belief, the impacts of optimism on people’s daily life are of great impact.

The answers accumulate and eventually help you develop self-confidence, which is extremely important for success.7. A happy body helps you generate happy thoughts and emotions. Factors that interfere with one's ability to moderate a good mood and positive energy include: lack of sleep, depleted energy from poor eating and lifestyle habits, and too little exercise.

If you have a big goal to achieve, "train" for it like a professional athlete.

They needed to learn how to set goals, focus on their priorities, stay positive, be disciplined, and win.

They needed to learn how to cultivate optimism and confidence.

He had been having hard times with his classmates and teachers at school, and had been regarded as a “slow learner”. He hardly gets extraordinary things his peers get done effectively and conveniently and finds it difficult to grasp simple sums and arithmetics, but he kept trying harder.

However, that day changed his life, his teacher taught him the power of positive thinking, attitudes, and a better approach to doing things he lacked.

Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say.

Part of being optimistic is keeping one's head pointed toward the sun, one's feet moving forward.


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