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Authoritarian Parenting style is described by Feldman (2011) as “parents that are controlling, punitive, rigid, cold.Their word is law, and they value strict, unquestioning obedience……; they do not tolerate expressions of disagreement (p.251).” Because children are unable to explore their own feelings, values and opinions, they, grow up with various negative effects.

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This type of parenting leads children to perform well socially, have high self esteem and do well in school.

Authoritarian Parenting Style: The Negative Effect On Children Abstract The Authoritarian Parenting Style is one of four parenting styles used to rear children.

The type of parenting that a parent chooses has a huge effect on the adult the child will become.

Diana Baumrind developed one of the most popular theories of parenting style.

The last and best style of parenting is democratic.

Democratic parents help children to be responsible, and think about the consequences of their behavior.

The second style is permissive, which recently has become very popular.

Permissive parents practically let the children have control, giving them many choices.

Classification: Parenting Styles All parents have their own unique ideas on the right upbringing of children.

Their parenting styles are a reflection of just that.


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