Essay On Discipline Is Necessary For Both Teacher And Student

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Sometimes students will take advantage of trends and fashions to validate wearing of miniskirts, sagging trousers, transparent clothing, all in the name of freedom of expression.

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All these can actually be done away with by implementing school uniform in our institutions. S department of Education, has become a common phenomenon.

Some of the clothes and jewelry brought to schools are very expensive hence promoting theft.

Opponents claim that school uniform has nothing to do with discipline but they need to understand that students are at the ‘prime mind modeling stage’of their lives whereby it is very easy to influence them either way.

Discipline comes with good behavior of the students and one of the best ways to promote good behavior is to implement school uniform.

Duvall et al claimed that school uniform “positively benefit the school climate, promotes a professional setting in which the focus of the school is on education and academic success” (Duvall et al. Conducive school climate is everyone’s right and that is why use of school uniform should be emphasized.

Casual dressing in schools is usually difficult to regulate due to continuous changes in lifestyle and fashion.Discipline is one of the most important aspects of learning that contribute a lot to the overall performance of students.Schools that maintain high degree of discipline are also likely to realize excellent performance.A report by Oregon Legislative claims that school uniform goes a long way in “Helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school”(OLPR 1).School uniform will help not only the gangs and cliques to have discipline and focus on education but also the rest of the school.Some schools prefer having the uniform, others prefer use of dress codes, yet others prefer doing without the uniform at all (Peterson 1): “In Miami, 196 of the 328 public schools require uniforms this year, more than twice as many as last year; in Cleveland, two-thirds of the public schools have adopted uniforms” (Lewin 1).Both sides may have valid reasons for their claims but a closer look at the issue clearly indicates that there are way too many benefits which will accrue from using the school uniform than not.Do school uniforms improve discipline and motivation for better education?This is the question that many people would like to get answers for and this paper discusses the importance of school uniform with the aim of showing that if it is implemented it will significantly contribute to upholding of discipline.The same report claims that: In response to growing levels of violence in our schools, many parents, teachers, and school officials have come to see school uniforms as one positive and creative way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safety.(USDE 1) The use of personal clothes at schools has been highly criticized due to the fact that it creates a chance for the formation of clique and gangs in schools.Certain gangs or cliques will have a tendency of dressing particular to publicize their identity. These gangs are hardly likely to concentrate in studies and in addition they may be associated with bullying and intimidation which in turn affects the performance of other students.


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