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When there are a number of instructors assigned to a course, this is easier, because you can divide the workload in a variety of ways: Keeping (relatively) objective: Grading essay exams involves a lot of subjective judgment, and your judgment may be influenced by things like fatigue, boredom, or impatience.

In particular, you are more likely to be stringent with the first few essays you read than with the rest and you are less likely to be careful about comments when you are tired.

Provide a grade distribution to students to help them make sense of their numeric or letter grade. They are legally entitled to confidentiality in this matter.

Requests for regrading: Consider having an official “regrade” policy in which students have a limited time (say, one week) to review their exam, request a regrade, and justify their request with a full written explanation.

Review: Complete questions left incomplete, but allow time to review all questions Review, edit, correctmisspellings, incomplete words and sentences, miswritten dates and numbers.

You might be asking yourself what a well written answer to an essay question looks like.But, you still have an obligation to plan your writing and to make sure that what you write is written in proper format, with a clear introduction, and a thesis statement.That being said, you should also include a concise conclusion that properly summarizes your key points.How to respond to writing test questions effectively and clearly Most of the essay questions that you will come across, including GRE example questions, will include one or more keywords that will indicate that organizational pattern that you should attempt to use in your response.For your benefit, the six most commonly used organizational patterns are: ANALYSIS The next question you might encounter follows the organizational pattern of analysis.Testing not only lets you and your students know how much they have learned, it also provides a chance for more learning to take place, by reinforcing course material or by requiring students to use or think about what they have learned in a new way.Tests should be designed with primary course objectives in mind and should cover material from all components of a course (sections, lectures, textbooks, etc.).Take measure to ensure that you are writing concisely and effectively.If you are unsure of how to do this, refer to a few of our learning guides for help.This policy has the benefits of encouraging students to review their exams in a timely manner, discouraging arbitrary grade complaints, and requiring students to examine their responses carefully.Moving forward: After the exam has been graded and returned, place a copy of it in your files along with a note to yourself indicating which questions were most commonly missed, whether any parts unnecessarily confused students, and the grading distribution.


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